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CRO audits &
CVO implementation

We will increase conversions by 20-70% on your website

We help companies increase their revenue by improving the conversion rate. We do this by analyzing all the visitors’ interactions with your website to identify the problems and how to resolve them. We also identify opportunities to convert website visitors to customers.

Then we perform an audience research and website audits to understand the reason that users are not converting. We also conduct A/B testing and monitor your website continuously to find out how you can optimize your website. Finally, we offer website redesign recommendations to achieve the highest conversion rate and we will implement them for you as well.

audits and
CVO implementation Services

We help you by identifying the conversion barriers on your website and we can help you fix them too!

01. Free CRO audit


If you want to better understand the benefits of CRO or want to discover the issues in your current website conversion process on high-level to see if there is any value? You can request a free conversion optimization audit from Cesova.
Fill out the CRO audit request and we will help you figure out what affects you customer conversions.

Free CRO guide included.

02. Technical Audit

If your website takes time to load and the performance is not satisfactory this is the correct audit for you. We will help your website load at top speeds. Some of the results you will see after implementing our services include decreased bounce rate and extended time-on-page.
Audit Process

We will first conduct an audit on your website and provide you with areas to be fixed and recommendations on site performance improvements. Then we will fix these issues according to your requirements.
What is included in the technical audit?

03. Customer Rate Optimization audit

There are many reasons for poor conversion rates. However, usually the main reason behind poor conversion rates is the implementation of CRO practices from other websites without doing a comprehensive audit to identify the requirements of your target audience.

A CRO audit will make you think like your audience and help build a better user experience for them. Resulting in higher conversions of potential leads to customers.

04. UI/UX Audit

A UI/UX audit is an essential tool to identify usability problems in your website. This audit can also help you detect problematic areas in your website that make users abandon their journey in your website and leave. 

 For example, an e-commerce store website UX audit might reveal that users lack information about the shipping of purchased products or that the users are not given enough payment options leading to less transactions. As a result, these issues could lead to a higher abandonment rates on the shopping cart page on the website

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