What Has the Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka Meant for CESOVA and Our Employees?

Being a Sri Lankan tech start up has not been easy this year, not in terms of the work that we do but rather the stereotypes we’ve faced as the corruption of Sri Lankan some politicians comes into the global limelight.


At Cesova we are not, nor have we ever been affiliated with any political party or politician. We are a group of hard working young adults who happen to call Sri Lanka home and like many other hard working Sri Lankans, are hoping that those involved in the corruption that has brought on this crisis are made to answer for their actions. 


At Cesova we peg our employees’ salaries against the US dollar, this has meant that even though the country’s economic crisis our employees are still earning well above a living wage, providing for themselves and their families. Ethical practice is a core value at CESOVA and we will continue to espouse this value at all times. 



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