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Colombo, Sri Lanka



The Problem

When the team behind “SetWemu” came to us, they had no idea of the potential of the market they had tapped into. Their business idea was to promote offers on liquor provided by hotels & restaurants across Sri Lanka, on a daily/weekly basis. Although it was a hot topic in the community, they were struggling to find the ideal audience and the platform to spread the word.

The Approach

After the initial research about SetWemu and their product/market fit, our team at CESOVA created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to create awareness in the community and to convert leads to customers, while adhering to the legal requirements of Sri Lanka. Initially we drafted a customer avatar with the research we had done having carefully identified the target market. We were able to identify the customer pain points and challenges.

It was then a matter of perfect execution, putting pieces of the puzzle together to create the desired audience for SetWemu. As our primary platform for awareness and community engagement, Facebook was decided upon according to the existing statistics of the ideal customer base presence . Simultaneously, we designed a website for SetWemu in the form of a sales funnel aligned with their objectives. Apart from the above, we incorporated a variety of different

content and tactics to drive traffic and spread awareness on the project, including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Social Messages
  • Videos

The list continues…


62% increase in leads

170% growth in Facebook page

71% reduction in campaign management cost

110% increase in leads generated from Facebook

40% increase in lead-to customer conversions

Mammoth increase in brand awareness

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Facebook Campaign

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Digital Marketer, Designer

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